How to be A School Fashionista

Our most awaited summer season is nearly ending. It means our school life will be waiting for us this coming June. Most of the schools have their uniforms, while some schools don’t. Have you encountered a school without a dress code? Where the students can dress the way they want, and the guards still let them in as much as they’re not wearing a bikini. On the other side, there are some dress codes that all students need to comply with, in order for them to be able to enter the school premises. Examples of the most common prohibitions are wearing shorts; very short skirts; sleeveless blouses; spaghetti strapped tops; cropped tops; and skin revealing outfits. In this article, I will show you different ways to cope up with the dress code in my fashionista way that are worth reading for.



Start your first day with your basics, twisted with some vibrant accessories. Pull that plain white tee off your closet and rock it with your light blue high-waist skinny jeans. Twist your day. Get that vibrant bag that you, your sister, or even your mother hung on the rack. Its color will surely remind them of summer. Your white sneakers will fit, too. And don’t forget your sunglasses to protect your shiny eyes from the harmful UV Rays.




Feeling lazy for school? Express it through your fashion! Girls, we do not only dress to impress. We also dress to express. So if you have that cropped or any kind of denim top in your wardrobe, get it! Pair it with your black high-waist super skinny jeans that defines your perfect legs. Having your white sneakers will not make it look that vile. And a pair of sunglasses with your favorite black leather sling bag that perfectly matches your black pants will enhance your fashion. Make your look more dramatically lazy by putting your hair up in a messy bun.




Tired of covering your skin? Blow off some steam with your halter top. Flaunt your fair, flawless, porcelain skin. Pairing it with black knee-ripped jeans is one of the best way to express them the party girl side of yours. Go, get your rarely used black sneakers and pair it with your today’s aura. If you think the guards will not let you enter the gates because of the showy top you’re wearing, be ready and bring your denim jacket with you (a bomber jacket will also do). Be confident, you’re supposed to be showcasing a very strong personality with your looks.




Want to make it cozy like Margo of Paper Towns? Simple! I know all of us have sweaters in our cabinets. Choose your favorite one that you think will be perfect for pairing with your favorite jeans. Any color will do as much as you’ll feel comfy with it. Pair it with your favorite, most comfortable sneakers. And if you want to add a beanie with you, it will also do. Remember, dress comfortably.




If you feel so chic and want to expose some flawless skin of yours, gets that old fancy mini skirt that your mom bought for you months or even years ago. Show off with a floral sleeveless cropped top or any of your favorite cropped tops you bought downtown. Don’t you think pairing your mini skirt with sneakers would blow their eyes off? If you think so, go for it! Impress them. Make your eyes want to look at yourself every time you walk by the mirror or glass walls of every shop.



Since you started your week with your white top and a chic look, much as well end it with a white top, too. But of course, we’ll make the first and last day of your week different by putting up your basics into some athletic and edgy look. Of course, you’ll definitely need to wear a black skinny jeans with it to make an edgy aura. Being the athletic girl next door, dark shaded running shoes will be perfect. Don’t forget your accessories. Mind the UV Rays, my dear. Bring a pair of sunglasses with you (a dark shade will be the best choice). To end your week, you deserve to have to purchase yourself a drink from the nearest Starbucks in your school as a weekend refreshment, and a reward for a week well spent!


Girls! What else do you want to see on my next update? Any suggestions? Any ideas? Feel so free to write your thoughts on the comment box. Thank you so much! Have a nice day, young ladies!



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