Andi is a girl in her teenage years who has a passion in photography, and loves nature so much that she takes a picture of it each and everytime specially when they travel. She is all about fashion, too. She prefers going to the mall, shopping for clothes and beauty products instead of spending her money for watching movies in a luxury cinema. And oh, I forgot to tell you she has a strong passion for music, too. She currently lives independently in Angeles City, Pampanga. She’s now a grade eleven student in one of Pampanga’s most popular universities – Angeles University Foundation.

Her nickname, Andi, comes from her grandfather’s name. She thinks the name Andrea was too long, so she prefers to be called ANDI. She’s mostly surrounded by boys in their family that’s why she knows them so well. Aside from being a famous blogger, she dreams to be a doctor of medicine someday.



Andi made this blog to share he sense of fashion to her readers. She also wants to make friends through it, give some advice about of course – fashion, beauty, lifestyle, foods and places she loved, and boys.